Agilox IGV


PRODUCT: Agilox - Intelligent Guided Vehicles
SERVICES:Research, Concept, Product design, 3D Modelling, Colour & Trim, 3D Rendering, GRAPHIC DESIGN, 3D Rendering, Product photos
Uniqueness:Agil, Light and AUTONOM

A new generation of fully autonomous transport robots is changing the world. We coming to the end of the era of AGVs and with AGILOX are starting the era of IGVs, Intelligent Guided Vehicles. We are stepping up to change the market.

The technical revolution lies in the drive concept. It allows AGILOX to move freely. Agile. Light. Compact. Maintenance-free. Well-thought out.

It is the aspiration for the symbiosis of dynamism and longevity, in order to correspond to the product environment.

„Thinking about design is hard,
but not thinking about it can be disastrous.“

Ralph Caplan