Corporate Product Design


Product: AQA PERLA 4.0
Services:Research, product design, corporate product design, user analysis, CAD modelling, ergonomics, 3D rendering, colour & trim
Uniqueness:BWT products stand for high quality and reliability for water treatment.
These are products that underline their lasting added value through their perfectly designed design.

All products are designed with ergonomic design, since highest operating comfort is the top priority. Formally, care is taken to merge timelessness with corporate identity. The focus is on a high value. So bevels are incorporated into the front to dissolve the body. In combination with a white glossy front, lightness, hygiene, quality and precision are conveyed. Chrome elements indicate technical longevity and high quality materiality. The functional part is always kept in brand-typical BWT blue and contrasts with the plain white front with a textured surface. The connecting edges to the front are broken by soft chamfers. Mainly technical components are held in black gray and act as a homogenous unit that exaggerates the white-blue main body.

exemplified are:


Connectivity: WLAN and LAN are available to the end customer for data transmission.
APP operation from anywhere: via the BWT @ home app on the smartphone and tablet or by the responsive website operable.
Problem prevention: maximum comfort for the customers. Installers are automatically alerted to any services and can fix them before the problem arises.
permanent car check: the system checks itself and forwards the data to BWT.
Easy to use: this is ensured by a generously sized, ergonomically positioned touch screen, the TIP ON opening mechanism as well as a SOFT CLOSE function when closing the filling flap. Optimized filling heights and opening dimensioning.
Safety in all cases: Blocking of incoming supply lines in vacation mode.
Emotionalization: A blue status LED light, integrated into the figurative mark in the lid, provides the operator with an overview of the device status offline at any time.

BWT E1 single lever filter

Easy to use: a filter change in just 30 seconds - can be operated by anyone.
An ergonomically optimized tensioning lever makes opening a breeze.
APP reminder function: BWT @ home app and the BWT partner portal - a warning message indicates that the hygiene safe must be changed.


Easy to use: The ergonomically optimized turning handle greatly simplifies the "manual flushing" of the filter.
APP reminder function: BWT @ home app and the BWT partner portal - a warning message indicates that the hygiene safe needs to be flushed.


The BWT AQA Perla One S, is a small, compact and powerful soft water system. During the development, manual sketches were very significant for finding the final shape of the product. It is easily recognizable as a BWT product yet keeps its very own characteristics, the bottom chamfer for example.

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