Corporate Product Design


Product: corporate product design
Services:Research, workshops, product design, corporate product design, design consulting, 3D rendering, colour & trim
Uniqueness:matching the design specifications with the internal development processes

The corporate product design for the mechanical and plant engineering company Fill defines the guidelines for the design of a variety of products. The product design translates core brand values into a design DNA.  The design conveys competence and enhances the image. The goal is to achieve visible market positioning. Customer loyalty is strenghtened through differentiation and recognition. Internally, the design is understood as a process that builds on developed know-how and is constantly evolving. The increased development competence and synergies are visible to the customer. It's about "added value through design".

The following are shown as examples:

SWINGMASTER 500 - The decoring machine

The swingmaster 500 is a unique Fill decoring machine for the automated decoring of heavy and large castings of up to 500 kg total weight. The swingmaster 500 is a machine that operates according to the swing principle for a targeted sand removal process.

GRIND PERFORMER R - The robot grinding machine

The Fill robot grinding station is a robust grinding and deburring machine for steel castings and forgings, adapted to the harsh foundry environment. Flash, etc. is smoothed down with deburring wheel and grinding tools.

CORE REFINER - The core deburring machine

The Fill core refiner is a sturdy deburring machine adapted to the harsh foundry environment for sand cores and core packages for all common core types. The burrs resulting from the core shooting are easily removed by steel beads, leaving the rest of the sand core undamaged.

MULTILAYER - The machining center

Dynamism, reliability and efficiency are the most important success criteria for the Fill syncromill c21-63/600 machining center. The flexible machine concept allows the widest variety of machining tasks to be performed. Thanks to the use of intelligent clamping concepts, parts are machined extremely economically and efficiently.

SPEEDLINER D - The circular saw

The speedliner d circular saw from Fill sets new technological standards in the removal of risers, sprues and gates. This is made possible by optimal interaction between the saw blade and the saw unit.

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

Paul Rand