FINES floating island


Services:Research, user analysis, CAD modelling, model construction, ergonomics, technical design
Uniqueness:great space gain on the water, space-saving in the marina

The focus of FINES, a unique boat concept for inland waters, lies on two main functionalities.

On the one hand taking up as little space as possible in the marina and on the other hand providing an extravagantly great usable area on the water. In contrast to conventional boats, FINES combines both.

The masterful formquadrat design combines timeless distinction with luxurious comfort and surprising generosity on deck. FINES offers more lebensraum as any comparable boat before it – for unforgettable moments on the water.

The large sunbathing area at the front can be pulled out to make a sitting area with a table. A griddle integrated in the table facilitates the preparation of warm dishes. Underneath there is storage and a drinks drawer. A variable shading system can be adjusted to suit needs. Swivel elements also brace the construction and represent the somewhat sunken levels at the back. This creates an extremely open and spacious room, with stepping at the back, which allows easy access to the boat.

The steering wheel as a central unit allows a very good all-round visibility and can be operated when standing. The removable handheld unit allows the functions to be controlled flexibly. It is thus possible to operate the boat when seated or from outside the boat. The control panel can be lowered when not in use, thus creating more space. Routes can be automatically sailed using the automatic pilot function, while the hold-position-function stops the boat from drifting away and keeps it on one place.

"Up to now there has not been a man of significance who spent his whole life on the mainland."

Herman Melville