SERVICES:Research, Concept, Product design, 3D Modelling, Colour & Trim, 3D Rendering, Product photos
Uniqueness:Disposable pen for freely selectable dosing steps

The D-Flex is a disposable pen for use with 3ml cartridges. The embodiment covers freely selectable, regular and irregular dosing steps. The platform can be used to one or several fixed dosages. Even a number of several predetermined dosages is possible. The pen system does not allow interim steps between the set dosages. The D-Flex is the ideal and flexible platform to adapt the stipulated dosages to the customer’s needs.

The D-Flex was awarded the Museum of Architecture and Design Award, 2016 by the Chicago Athenaeum.



„Thinking about design is hard,
but not thinking about it can be disastrous.“

Ralph Caplan