Client:nexus elastomer systems
Product: servomix product series
Services:Research, product design, corporate product design, CAD modelling, ergonomics, ux design, 3D rendering, colour & trim
Uniqueness:precision, process reliability and economy in elastomer injection molding

The Servomix products from Nexus offer a precisely controllable mixture of components with an air and pulsation-free result. To make this possible, the innovative Splitnex technology, transparent process data and simple but safe operation all work together. 

The design of the Servomix products therefore has the very clear goal of creating and communicating additional added value. Both the user interface design and the machine itself simplify the operating processes through intuitive menu navigation and ergonomic design. The clear, consistent and modern design vocabulary is underlined by high colour contrasts.

The high demands on the component mixture are also shown by the high-quality detail processing of the devices.

Servomix X1

Cartridge loading enables the minimum size in which the Splitnex technology can still be placed. Highly precise processes and easy cleaning qualify for use in the medical field. Despite the smaller size and differing operating concept the X1 can be easily assigned to the Servomix product family due to the distinct design.

Servomix X20

This smaller solution specializes in 20 litre containers and is also suitable for use in clean rooms. Due to the minimized layout, the X20 is also suitable for the smallest footprints and shot weights.



Suitable for 200 and 20 litre containers, Nexus can guarantee maximum productivity and is therefore extremely economical to use. The design puts the operator into focus and facilitates the job by intuitive operation and accessibility.


This premium solution for 200 and 20 litre containers offersan ergonomic design for the operator using minimal floor space. It is also equipped for the high demands set by medical utilization. Due to the unique accessibility, the barrel change is made extremely easy. Cleaning can also be done much faster than competing products.



In order to design an ergonomic, efficient and visually appealing product package we developed the graphic user interface with NEXUS. It facilitates the operator's job with its intuitive and comprehensible surface design.

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