CLIENT: TrendAlliance GMBH
ProduCt: playstilin connect!
SERVICES:Research, market analysis,  concept development, PRODUcT DESIGN, CAD Modelling & construction
Uniqueness:innovative toy system with kneading dough and hard components

Imagine a world where there are no limits to the imagination. Playstilin CONNECT! combines the robustness of plastic with the malleability of plasticine and gives children the opportunity to design, build and shape their own masterpieces.

Creativity can be given free rein. A foundation of durable plastic parts forms the basis for individual creations. Whether it's a racing car, an airplane or an impressive catamaran - the available parts provide the necessary structure and stability.

The modeling clay allows you to add a personal touch and form intricate details, textures and figures that bring each creation to life.

This innovative combination encourages collaboration and exploration. Gathering with friends and family to create together, sharing ideas and combining plastic pieces and play dough to build something truly extraordinary is a bonding experience.

Playstilin CONNECT! empowers children to design, build and imagine beyond the ordinary.

The innovative toy system combines the versatility of modeling clay with the precision of hard components, opening up endless possibilities. Many identical parts can be joined together to create a variety of combinations. Whether you're building an airplane that flies through the clouds, a sleek catamaran that cuts through the waves or a speedy racing car that cuts corners on the race track - there are no limits to your imagination.

The aeroplane kit contains all the right plastic parts and extra-light plasticine to build an airplane that actually flies! Once the parts have been put together, the aeroplane can be customized with the modelling clay. The right amount of plasticine in the right places ensures a stable flight and long flight times. This encourages children to experiment and discover. Alone or with friends, they can not only learn but also have fun.

The kit for a catamaran contains everything you need for a mission on the high seas. The components form a stable framework and the perfect basis for a catamaran that can be individually designed with the help of play dough. The right amount of play dough in the right places ensures sufficient buoyancy of the floats and a stable position of the boat in the water.

The racing car kit follows the same principle as the other two sets. Whether racing car or truck - the right amount of modeling clay in the right places ensures sufficient mass and low air resistance for the fastest and wildest rides.



„Play is the highest form of research.“

Albert Einstein