CLIENT: Rosenbauer
ProduCt: Fire-fighting helmet Heros-titan
SERVICES:Concept, Product design, Product development, ergonomics, 3D rendering, Graphic Design
Uniqueness:pioneering design combined with functionality which sets new standards

The fire-fighting helmet HEROS-titan is a milestone with regard to functionality and design. The new generation of HEROS fire-fighting helmets combines maximum protection with lightness and perfect fit. Weighing 1.3 kg, ready for the maximum mechanical stress and temperatures of -40 °C to over 300°C are no problem fort his helmet. All the functions can be adjusted tool-free on the job. Ergonomically perfected, the helmet pushes the previous standards up.



The lightest fire-fighting helmet in the world

The outstanding feature is the sporty-bionic and multi-award-winning design. The helmet herocises the wearer. The history of a fearless fight against the flames is formally visualised. The aim of the creative approach is to evoke desire in the observer, to create trust in the product and to strengthen the Rosenbauer brand.

perpetuated on a post stamp

The Austrian Post pays tribute to Rosenbauer's and formquadrat's innovation with a special issue stamp, limited to 260.000 units with a nominal value of EUR 2,70.



"The design gives us an emotional home."

Gordon Wagener