CLIENT: Rosenbauer
ProduCt: Fire-fighting helmet Heros H30
SERVICES:Concept, Product design, Product development, ergonomics, cad modelling, 3D rendering, product graphics
Uniqueness:best visibility with rear position light

The HEROS H30's design is based on the design language we developed together with Rosenbauer when designing the HEROS Titan. Tensioned surfaces are defined by sharp edges and dynamic lines. The helmet expresses light weight, relevant safety features are emphasized. Not only does the design make the helmet more attractive, it contributes to saving human lives in emergencies.

The HEROS H30 inherits its brother’s most important characteristics, including minimum weight with maximum protection; multiple enhancements from mask adapters to a mount for a helmet light or thermal imaging camera, and full flexibility thanks to a wide range of adjustment options. In addition, all HEROS H30 accessories are compatible with the HEROS Titan and vice versa.



Flexibility and light weight

The HEROS H30 also has a new safety feature: the helmet position light for visibility.  It makes firefighters visible when reflective strips aren’t enough. That means anywhere there’s too little ambient light.

"A ship is safe in a harbor. But that's not what ships are for."

William Shedd