E-Force 2


PRODUcT: E-Force 2
Services:Research, product design, graphic design, user analysis, CAD modelling, model construction, ergonomics, technical design, corporate product design, 3D rendering, colour & trim
Uniqueness:Mobile rescue shears with the highest cutting power, battery-operated, multi-functional grip

It must always be possible to rescue people involved in accidents without impediments anywhere. Every minute counts for those in need of rescue. Weber-Hydraulik offers - with its E-FORCE product range - a battery-operated and therefore extremely mobile solution for hydraulic rescue devices.

formquadrat took particular care in the design, so that the products are on the one hand light, yet on the other seem extremely robust. It should give the user the impression, that it is available at any time for extreme operational demands, yet is so light that it can be used fatigue-free over a long period.

"Under the term good shape we mean the natural form of a product developed from its technical and functional requirements, which completely fit its purpose and yet is attractive at the same time."

Max Bill