Services:Research, product design, user analysis, CAD modelling, model construction, ergonomics, technical concept, corporate product design, 3D rendering, colour & trim
Uniqueness:Mobile rescue shears with the highest cutting power, optimised ergonomics

The new generation of hydraulic cutting devices by Weber particularly stands out due to its compact dimensions and reduced weight. This simplifies its usage and consequently also helps the rescue work. All the controls are strikingly designed in a distinctive red and therefore stand out from the otherwise black body of the device. This means that all functions can be found quickly, even in poor lighting conditions. The new design of the push button makes it even easier to feel - even in thick gloves.

The 360° rotatable and foldable handle made of glass fibre reinforced plastic is optimized for minimum space requirements and at the same time offers firm grip. The material insulates the operator up to 1,000 volts. The entire design focuses on simplified handling without losing cutting power. Everything counts when it comes to saving lives.

"Under the term good shape we mean the natural form of a product developed from its technical and functional requirements, which completely fit its purpose and yet is attractive at the same time."

Max Bill