PRODUcT: Elcomed
SErvices:Research, product design, user analysis, CAD modelling, ergonomics, corporate product design, 3D rendering, graphic design, icon design, interface design, processing of the completely programmed templates, operator ergonomics, colour & contrast
Uniqueness:Simple logical operability, hygienically easy to clean

In the field of mouth-, jaw and facial surgery, dental surgery and implantology W&H offers an innovative solution on the highest level with its product Elcomed.

Bearing in mind current corporate product design guidelines formquadrat creates a bespoke result. The issues such as product design, casing printing, foil design, interface design and menu navigation have to co-ordinated to match each other seamlessly.

The key features of the corporate design pre-defined by W&H hat to be incorporated coherently. The result is a product for professionals in the (dental-) surgical environment. 

"A logo is only good, if you can scratch it in the sand with your big toe."

Kurt Weidemann